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Our designs are catered to represent your brand value and corporate image, creating extraordinary spaces that reflects the brand identity and accommodates the clients' vision. 

AgcDesign takes pride in being able to handle every detail and the soft touches that often go beyond the capability of large firms. We ensure that each project is unique and meticulously-considered as we conceptualise the space based on the characteristics of the brand and its products.

Our philosophy is for people to work and play with good design - and we believe it can be achieved by providing commercial interior design solutions that represent a brand today and for the years to come. We offer design consultation, project management, space planning, concept design, renovation and basically everything that concerns interior design so our clients can focus on more pressing matters. It is our commitment to provide cost-efficient and functional commercial spaces that answer to our client’s specific requirements. Aside from maintaining a strong client-designer relationship, we also make sure we do not compromise on the quality and aesthetic value of the results. Take a look at our portfolio.

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